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The server is developed and maintained by a group of talented individuals with extensive experience in development, management and game play!

Last news

Game intro

New Teaser


Rechage points : Fixed
Fire : improved a lot (not fully done yet). 
Water : Rune Skill Sacrifice , AzureShield , Nectar all fixed 
Ninja , fixed counter kill
Trojan : dragon whirl 
Archer : Intensify 
Arena Qualifier : fixed bug where you couldnt move after signing up , and you cant hit your enemy anymore after match ends 
market , shop el disconnect , w el shop elly 2odam 
pirate blade templest 
Relic Epic Token : added new item in donation shop 
How does it work :
First you need to get any kind of relic inside the game with number of stats that you want 
Then you buy the Relic Epic Token from our Donation shop , it will auto upgrade all of your current relic stats to Epic.
Note: You cant change stats on the relic , will only upgrade its quality to epic

Guild war

Guild War EU Server

Cross Guild War

Congrats for the winners

Cross Server

Elite PK

New Hunt Maps

Patch 1006 and 1007

Bug Fixes

- Solved Disconnection problems
- Arena Qualifier and dark map issue
- Twilight dance issue
- Shadow Clone issue
- Vendor Shops
- Viper Fang , Dragon Tail range solved
- Sacrifice water rune 
- Guild war right gate
- Mentor sharing
- Upgraded anti cheat system
- X2 Rate decreased
- Whirlwind CoolDown time fixed
- Wearing other classes rune
- Decreased Twilight Dance , SuperTwoflodBlade by 10%


- Mystery fruit for online hours
- Plus 8 Stones Shop in Market near to shops
- Free points and prizes from inviting friends

Twin City 3.0

New  3D maps is available now

King Of Hill tournament

King Of Hill tournament


Epic Pirate


Game intro

Epic Pirate Release