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The server is developed and maintained by a group of talented individuals with extensive experience in development, management and game play!

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New expansion update System Skin



New GUILD Introduction

1. Guild Creation
4. Guild Donation
    Guild Resource Function: Upgrading and building Guild and initiating Guild events.
    Guild Resource Type: Guild Fund, Guild CP and Guild Materials.
    Guild Fund Acquisition: Donating Silver or completing Guild quests.
    Guild CP Acquisition: Donating CPs and joining in Guild War or other quests.
    Guild Material Acquisition: Completing Guild event or quest.
    Guild Donation Acquisition:
(1) Donating various Guild resources. Donate 1 CP or 100,000 Silver to get 1 Donation Point.
(2) Collecting Exorcism Token, Justice Token and Rivalry Token to exchange.
2. Guild Interface
(1) Guild Info
    You can check the basic information of Guilds in the Guild Info interface.
a. Rename Guild
b. Guild Fund
    You can check the quantity of Guild Fund, Guild CPs and Guild Materials here.
c. Guild Bulletin
    Edit and post bulletins here.
d. Guild Event
    Latest events of the Guild will be recorded here.
e. Guild Recruitment
    Click Recruit button in the Guild Info interface to open the recruitment interface.
    Top 10 Guilds can recruit members here. Other Guilds can only send invitations to players.
    You can see players who have applied for your Guild here.
    You can approve or reject applications here.
    You can start or stop Guild Recruitment here.
    You can set limits on class and BP of players during recruitment.
(2) Member List
    You can check the information of members and online members on the Member List.
    Players with the permission of appointing officials can do operations like expelling members in this interface (Please refer to Guild Member's Level and Permission).
    Click ’Whisper’ button to open the Whisper Window.
    Click ’Friend’ button to add friends.
    Click ‘Check’ button to check the other player’s equipment.
    Members with permission can click ‘Appoint’ button to appoint officials.
    Members with permission can click ‘Expel’ button to expel officials.
(3) Guild Construction
    You can check Guild Center, Arsenal, Guild Beast, Guild Gate, Drill Hall and Guild Keeper in the interface.
You can also donate Silver or materials to upgrade construction level, manage Guild Keepers and train beasts.
a. Guild Center
  You can check and upgrade Guild Center here.
  You can check the attributes of Guild Center.
  The level of Guild Center will have a bearing on the number of officials and the max level of other Guild Constructions.
c. Guild Beast
d. Guild Gate
  You can check the attribute of the gate.
  Try to upgrade the gate level. The higher the gate level, the better the attribute.
e. Drill Hall
  You can check the attribute of Drill Hall.
  Try to upgrade Drill Hall. The level limit on Guild Skills will be Promoted via upgrading Drill Hall.
f. Guild Keeper
  You can check the attribute of Guild Keeper.
  Try to upgrade Guild Keeper level. The higher the level, the better the attribute and the skill effect.
  You can check the maintenance fee for the keeper. At 0 o’clock every Sunday night, the maintenance fee will be deducted automatically.
  HP and Attack of Guild Keeper will reduced by 80% for lack of maintenance fee.
  There are 3 Guild Keepers in total: Rock Turtle, Lotus Demon and Sierra Beast.
  Rock Turtle can release skill Bloodthirsty, which helps decrease Max HP of your enemy with each attack.
  Lotus Demon can release skill Multi-wings. When the keeper is alive, it can provide a shield to absorb damage for you. The higher the BP of the player, the less the damage that the shield will absorb.
  Sierra Beast can release skill Blood Surge, which will increase your Attack.
(4) Guild Store
    You can pay Donation Points to buy items.
    New items will be randomly updated, including 8 Steed, 8 Stone, Splendid Star Stone, Frozen Chi Pill, 5000 Chi Points and so on.
(5) Guild Event
    You can check Guild Exchange, CS PK reward, CTF reward, Guild War reward and Guild Boss in this interface.
a. Guild Exchange
  You can get Exchange Points after completing daily quests and joining in PK.
  Then you can exchange those points for Donation Points in the Guild interface.
b. CS CTF Reward
  You can set Silver and CPs reward for next CS CTF Tournament and check the reward for last round.
c. CTF Reward
  You can set Silver and CPs reward for next CTF and check the reward for last round.
d. Guild War Reward
  You can set Silver and CPs reward for next Guild War and check the reward for last round.
e. Guild Boss
  Enter to challenge boss. The higher the level of boss, the better the reward.
(6) Guild Relation
    You can add Ally Guild or Enemy Guild.
    You can check Ally Guild or Enemy Guild.
(7) Top 10 Guilds
    You can check the information of top 10 Guilds, including ranking, name, Guild Leader, Guild level, member number, Prestige and so on.
    Guild Prestige will be related to Guild Rankings. At 0 o’clock every Sunday night, 10% Guild Prestige will be deducted automatically.
    How to improve Prestige: donating Silver or materials. 1 Silver is equal to 1 Prestige Point. Each time, donate 2KK Silver at least. More acquisition methods will be launched later.
(8) Guild Skill
    You can learn and upgrade Guild Skills.

Game intro

New Teaser

New Server 2d Map




Rechage points : Fixed
Fire : improved a lot (not fully done yet). 
Water : Rune Skill Sacrifice , AzureShield , Nectar all fixed 
Ninja , fixed counter kill
Trojan : dragon whirl 
Archer : Intensify 
Arena Qualifier : fixed bug where you couldnt move after signing up , and you cant hit your enemy anymore after match ends 
market , shop el disconnect , w el shop elly 2odam 
pirate blade templest 
Relic Epic Token : added new item in donation shop 
How does it work :
First you need to get any kind of relic inside the game with number of stats that you want 
Then you buy the Relic Epic Token from our Donation shop , it will auto upgrade all of your current relic stats to Epic.
Note: You cant change stats on the relic , will only upgrade its quality to epic

Game Update Last Version


New Class Thunder Strike 

New Rune With fully Skills

New Anima System Added

New Forging Relic System Added

New TBeast Added



Guild war

Guild War EU Server

Cross Guild War

Congrats for the winners

Cross Server

Elite PK

New Hunt Maps

Patch 1006 and 1007

Bug Fixes

- Solved Disconnection problems
- Arena Qualifier and dark map issue
- Twilight dance issue
- Shadow Clone issue
- Vendor Shops
- Viper Fang , Dragon Tail range solved
- Sacrifice water rune 
- Guild war right gate
- Mentor sharing
- Upgraded anti cheat system
- X2 Rate decreased
- Whirlwind CoolDown time fixed
- Wearing other classes rune
- Decreased Twilight Dance , SuperTwoflodBlade by 10%


- Mystery fruit for online hours
- Plus 8 Stones Shop in Market near to shops
- Free points and prizes from inviting friends

Facebook Event 🎉 🎉

🎉 Anima gifts for all winners 🎉
Greetings everyone ! Welcome to FlareConquer
Our Server based on Patch 6988(last Version)
Real competition between seven different characters

Our first SHARE EVENT has started but , our share event is different and REAL. 😍

Our server works more than two years

 Let's take a quick look at the server features👇

 The server includes personalities, including one ThunderStrke..

👆 Anima system Enjoy new power with this system

👌 Archive Trojan with new weapons and skills

🤚 Power Of Mystery Runes


🎁Anima P10 to 10x Winners (1 P10 each Player Won )🎖

📝 Follow the steps carefully to have a chance of winning 📝.

  1. Share this video (Public).
    2. Tag your friends (At least 5).
    3. Like FlareConquer
    4. Like this post.
    5*. Join our discord server https://discord.gg/PmtfKZ
    6*. Write from 1 to 100 at comment
  2. Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/Flareconqueronline/
    (The competition ends 15 days after publication)

Good luck everyone ,Wish you the best of luck! 😉

New Update FlareConquer

Twin City 3.0

New  3D maps is available now

King Of Hill tournament

King Of Hill tournament


DragonFurnace Anima Quest

Epic Pirate


Game intro

Epic Pirate Release